When a jobseeker and a potential employer show interest in meeting each other, skillshadow.com provides a free, easy, and convenient way to schedule and conduct an e-fly® on-line video interview. 



To confirm an e-fly® interview request, you should simply login, go to your MATCH LIST, and click the Confirm e-fly® Time button.  (Please pay attention to the employer’s time zone if you are pursuing a position in a time zone different than your own.)  If you need to reschedule, then you may contact the employer at the e-mail address provided. 


Prior to your e-fly® interview time, please ensure that:

  1. you are logged in to your Skype account;
  2. your Skype privacy settings (Tools, Options, Privacy) are set to “automatically receive video and share screens with …anyone”; and
  3. your SkillShadow ACCOUNT contains your correct Skype name.


The employer will be blocked from contacting you for your e-fly® interview without these settings.



To use e-fly®, you should login, go to your MATCH LIST and below your selected jobseeker simply pick a date and time slot from the pop-up calendar before clicking the Request e-fly® Interview button. There is no time limit on e-fly®interviews and you may conduct as many e-fly® interviews as you wish. You will receive an e-mail when the jobseeker confirms.


On the day of the e-fly® interview, after logging into your Skype account, be sure to login to skillshadow.com, go to your MATCH LIST and below your selected jobseeker simply click the Skype “Call Me!” button which will appear during your scheduled time slot.



You may obtain the free Skype software here:  http://www.skype.com 

For more details on e-fly® interviews please consult the TUTORIAL.  



The audio and visual quality of the e-fly® interview will depend on the quality of the employer’s and jobseeker’s networks. 



[The Skype name, associated trade marks and logos and the “S” logo are trade marks of Skype or related entities.]